The Cox Box Story

James and Charlotte's journey to cookies...


The Cox Box: it's the name we gave our first house together and it's always full of love and happiness and lovely baking smells. There's also kitties: Monty (the fluffy, chunky one) and Sampson (the cute, stripy one).

We've both love baking. During lockdown James was away with work for 7 months; Charlotte was alone with the kitties in the Cox Box, and it was rubbish, but she baked up some lovely treats for friends and family. When we were finally reunited, we realised that working together would be the dream - so we turned on our oven, and posted LOTS of cookies to our loved ones. Their response gave us the drive and confidence to start our baking journey. We both work full time jobs at the moment, so we do our baking in the evenings and at weekends, but we hope in the long term to make this our full time adventure.

We've tried a lot of cookies and brownies in our time, and they're mostly delicious, but they all have a thing: a funny name, an Oreo plonked on top, or they're under-baked (cue break open shot where the insides all fall out). We wanted our products to go bit further, we've added ganaches and creams and icings, we make our own caramel and other extra bits, to make all our treats extra special.

We wanted to create treats that firstly taste amazing, secondly are a feast on the eyes, and finally put a massive smile on your face. Why send flowers, which look lovely, but you can't eat and ultimately end up in the bin, or a card, which you can't eat and ultimately ends up in the bin?

Why not send cookies, or brownies or fudge from our Box to theirs? Or treat yourself, and snarf them all! No judgement here.

Crafted by the Coxes with love and care.

We hope you enjoy your treaties and thank you for supporting The Cox Box!

Love, James and Charlotte xx


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